3 Days in Verona, Italy

Opera, fresh pasta and ice cream. The perfect combination!

What we found upon arriving was a picturesque, vibrant old town. Wrapped within the Adige river and watched over by the Piazzale Castel San Pietro. It’s no wonder Verona attracts it’s fair share of tourists despite it being much smaller than other Cities in Italy (population 253k as of 2012).

We stayed just out of the old town (about a 30 minute walk) but if you can find your self a place within the city walls to ensure you are immersed within the cities charm.

Must see’s are Juliette’s house (though prepare yourself for the hundreds of tourists also trying to get a glimpse), a stroll across the Ponte di Castelvecchio and most definitely a walk up to the Castel San Pietro for its beautiful views of the city. If you can, get tickets to an opera in the Arena. Thankfully a friend had told us about the operas during Summer, otherwise we might have left it off our 6 week tour of Italy. For us this was the highlight of our time in Verona (so good in fact we went twice!). If you get the cheaper seats (worth it for their authenticity) make sure you splash out and buy/hire (4euro/2.50euro respectively) a cushion (maybe even 2 if you are going to see Carmen – it’s over 4 hours long!) – your butt will thank you for it!

They say you are not allowed to take food into the arena but everyone does. They will check your bags upon entry but they are only looking for glass bottles and didn’t actually look inside them. You can buy wine inside so leave the bag space for more snacks!

With a craving for some really good pasta (it was after all our first stop in Italy and we had been waiting for the best) we found what could only be described as Pasta Heaven – La Bottega della Gina. They serve fresh, handmade Ravioli cooked and then coated in butter and parmesan to create the most amazing culinary experience you will ever have when it comes to pasta. Each filling was unique and memorable. If you eat anywhere in Verona make sure it is here (except for those of you who are gluten free…. sorry!).

Another good option for vegetarians was Cafe Retro conveniently placed next to the Duomo. This place had a modern take on traditional Italian dishes and served nut milk coffees.