One night stands around the UK…

While we were in the UK we managed to escape London for a few overnight get aways. Here are some details about our adventures to Bristol, Cambridge and Lancaster.




Don’t believe what Londoner’s say – Bristol is really funky. With its awesome street art, thriving restaurant scene and picturesque river views, we highly enjoyed our selves!

A Banksy Tour was a must do for us while in town as was visiting some friends from home. We had an amazing time being shown around by some “locals” and strolling the water front.

Best part is that you basically have to drive past Stonehenge to get to Bristol so you have no excuse not to visit! Again, i would ignore most of England’s sentiments about Stonehenge and visit anyway. Yes you can see it from the road, and yes they make you walk for 20minutes to see it up close (or there is a shuttle if you would prefer) but both Andy and I thought it was really worth it. The task of lugging those stones from Wales truly is astonishing and inspirational. We thought our carry on luggage was heavy…


We do have a tip in regards to hire cars however – we looked at public transport options and ended up deciding that for this trip a car would be the easiest option. Being budget conscious we went online and saw a car for just 15 pounds a day with Easirent – what a bargain right? Wrong! There is a reason the bigger hire car brands are more expensive and that’s cause they wont lump you with a whole heap of additional charges when you arrive. 15 pounds actually turned into 50 pounds per day. Plus they wanted to charge us a 1250 excess! On top of all this the car was an absolute disgrace with a missing wing mirror and tyres that had seen more curb than road. We learn’t our lesson – next time we are going with Avis!



If you have the time Cambridge is an absolute must see. This quaint, gorgeous, university town is truly beautiful. We had the fortune of being able to visit Andy’s Brother, Dr Alfred Duncan, who is a fellow at Christ’s College and got an inside glimpse into the college life. It was summer break for the students so accommodation is available for tourists at some of the college’s. While the lodgings are practical it really is a fun experience to be on college grounds and experience the life of a student!

As part of our stay we were able to attend a fellows dinner as guests of Dr Duncan, and feast in the same room as previous alumni such as Darwin and Keynes. While it was a little daunting (we were the only people in the room without PHD’s) we loved every minute of it!

While we were in town we rented bikes and rode to Grantchester for lunch and of course Tea and Scones in the orchard – a true english tradition. The ride is absolutely doable even for a more novice rider with nice paths and no hills. Bike hire was 18 pounds for the 3 of us for the afternoon so definitely a worth while investment. Plus you might get to meet some of the local friendly wild life.



While in Lancaster if unfortunately rained as only it can in England in the middle of summer but we braved the weather to check out the local food market and purchase some local delicacies. As part of our trip North we took the opportunity to go on a bit of a Pride and Prejudice tour. We visited Pemberley from the BBC version of the novel and also Stanage Edge – used for a scene in the 2005 Hollywood remake. It was well worth the trip with some stunning views of the Peak district and the beautiful english countryside.